Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I have a new kitten. His name is Caiaphas. All black, very siamese in origin somewhere. Waaaaayyyy too much energy at 4 o clock in the morning.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Where did everyone go? I know I've been gone for a while and all.....! I even signed on to IM tonight, and nobody was online. very sad.

I'm back in LA again until tomorrow afternoon. Stacey starts chemo tomorrow morning. blech. They're determined to get this all over and done with. Seems early to be putting her barely functioning body through chemo within days of surgery, but then, what do I know? I have to work tomorrow night. My cat is going to be very very mad at my teasing by coming home for two evenings and then leaving again. Hopefully she'll still like me when I get back...

I'm in a design phase these days. I came home sunday night, and decided that I needed a new top. Something like a top I'd seen in Beverly Hills, but cuter. So, I made it. It's a strapless cropped bodice with three buttons on the back. Down the front I cut four streamers of the see through fabric that I'd used on the top (lined with a solid fabric, of course, so as not to be indecent). So the top is slightly backless, with streamers down the front. Got very good reviews today walking the mile from the hospital to the farmer's market. Took that as a good sign. Designed two more tops and one dress this afternoon. I can't say, after looking around at all the shops, that I'm very impressed with anything out there mainstream. It all looks the same. Anthropologie has some great fabrics treatments and embroidery, but it's so freaking expensive! I love that the 50's looks are coming back! YAY!!!!!! I'm thinking of designing my fall wardrobe around full knee-length skirts using vintage 30's fabric prints. Will that be cute or what?! With a white blouse and a sweater maybe. And I think it's time for folded-up-jeans-turned-capris again. With bright colored keds and boat neck tops. Oh yes. Very excited about my fall line up here.......hmmmm maybe should consider a second career....

Friday, July 11, 2003

I stopped by the chapel at the hospital. Every hospital has a chapel, right? This one did, but it wasn't a chapel really. It was a temple. Right out of Fiddler on the Roof. Complete with scrolls, and the ten commandment shaped carved box behind the altar. And the bible study advertisement said to bring your own Torah. Wow. I was a little nervous that the staff Rabbi was going to see me in there. There's something a little strange about crossing yourself in a Jewish temple. Then I saw the sign outside the door advertising roman catholic masses in the chapel three times a week.
So, the saga of finding the hospital. I decided to do a test drive last night, first of all because I'm staying 45 minutes south of the place, and secondly because I couldn't get ahold of Stacey to find out if she'd checked in before the surgery or not. So we looked on the map, and there it was -- very simple, right between three intersecting highways, in what looked like a four block square section of town. OH no. That would be too easy. I took the exit that I was told to, and wound up in the ghetto. L.A. ghetto is no laughing matter. So I started driving like a crazy woman until I wound up a mile north in some very expensive houses. I stopped a well dressed man walking three rediculously pampered dogs and asked directions to the hospital. It was two miles away. In Beverly Hills. I knew I was getting close by the kosher Thai restaurants on the corner. I finally found the hospital, 2 and a half hours later, but at least I wasn't lost this morning trying to get here at the crack of dawn.
Did I mention I'm thinking of getting my cat a kitten?
I'm in L.A. this weekend. A friend of mine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and went in for surgery this morning. She made it through alright, and will spend a week in the hospital recovering. After that she'll be doing some rather nasty bits of chemotherapy, but they seem to think that even though the tumors were big, they caught it before it had time to spread elsewhere. I was at the hospital at just before 7am this morning, and there until noon. People need to write longer books. I finished my new one in 2 hours. Should have brought along Harry Potter. I'm going to be in L.A. until tuesday-ish, visiting Stacey in the hospital, and then I hope to come back down once a week or so to visit. Sucks to have one's life put on hold like that. She's only 34.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

My cat is so cute. Have I mentioned my cat yet? I finally got one! Her name is Chloe, and she's the cutest thing alive. She's black tuxedo markings.....with white paws, and a dickie. Up until yesterday her main task in life was sleeping and eating. All of a sudden she decided that she's rambo of the forest (we have bushes three feet from our front door that she hides in). She catches flies, and the odd frog. She was so proud of herself she left its half-eaten remains on the bedroom floor to show off. Drea stepped in them barefoot. Chloe was so proud...