Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Highlight of the Sermon on Sunday

"If religion was all that was needed, then Jesus was just a bad Jew having a bad Friday." ~Garth Gustafson

Old Shadows of Ecstacy

Old Shadows

Rachel: "And the first day of Christmas is..?"

2nd Grader: "A porridge in a pantry?"

Rachel: "So, Denise. Bible Study? Jackson's? Tuesday night?"

Sean: *Almost sprays the table with $8.50 per glass wine* "Alright guys, that's enough Bible study, lets go get drunk."

Rachel: "If I could drink I wouldn't mind drinking at Bible Study."

Tasha: "My friends bring a six pack to ours."

Nancy: "My brother is a pastor and he has a brewery in his basement."

Rachel: "And the first day of Christmas is?"

1st Grader: "December 25th?"

Denise: "You should see her house."

Allison: "That's nothing! You should see my shoe."

Sean: "There's two sentences I've never heard before."

Sean: "Every time I hear this song I think of the funeral scene in Lethal Weapon II."

Dawn: "Um...52."

Rachel: "Took you a while, didn't it?"

Dawn: "I had to double it. It was hard!"

Rachel: "Cindy, your son just called."

Cindy: "Again? The boy's sixteen. Cain't he do nothin' by his-self?"

"Miss Kunze. You know what's cool? When you started to sing you made the sun come out."

"...Once an ostrich went yodelling..."