Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Civic Duty

Doing My Civic Duty

Very long couple of days. Very long weekend upcoming. I arrived into Seattle from Chicago Monday night, and then attempted to stay awake (with only moderate success) through two episodes of Star Trek Enterprise before I was told it was legal to sleep, where I collapsed on the fold-out chair and was out like a light in less than a minute.

Yesterday I had a costume meeting for the film I'm working on. I ran around to thrift stores trying to find a 1950's swimsuit pattern. No success. But I didn't manage to find the huge downtown Goodwill, which I will try today.

I scheduled an audition for today while in Chicago, but of course all of my headshots and music are at home, so after my meeting I drove back across the state, arriving just in time for the latest episode of Bones and heckling Dancing with the Stars with my mother, while Dad snored on the couch. My cat was so happy to see me after being gone for over a week that he opted out of his hunting routine to sleep as close to me as he could without being technically on top of me.

Today I'm being efficient, as I have to drive back to Seattle for my audition. I'm debating whether to stay for the weekend since I have a costume to make and a dress rehearsal on Sunday, but since I have a lot to do at home, I think I'll come back tomorow, construct here, and then head back Sunday. We'll see. I might change my mind between now and 1:00.

Oh, and the reason I wanted to post in the first place. Yesterday was election day. All over Seattle people had signs and banners. I had the envelope to my ballot in the car, but not the ballot itself. When I finally made my way back to my apartment, there was my ballot sitting next to my computer -- so I filled out the rest of it, and got back in my car to drive to the 3rd Avenue post office in order to get it postmarked by midnight. I was so tired and inattentive that I plopped it in the packages slot instead of local mail, but the clunk I heard from behind the wall assured me that someone caught my mistake in time. And I drove half asleep back home to pass out.

I contemplated wearing my "I VOTED" sticker on my forehead to sleep.