Saturday, November 10, 2007

Learning to sew on vinyl and clear plastic to make a 'pro-skirt' shape shifting alien costume. So far the red vinyl miniskirt and bra top are done (minus fastenings, since I haven't done a fitting yet), and the clear plastic Regency Pelisse is finished - and I can't believe I got the director to go for it, but it looks amazing with the costume!

I've been in Seattle three days this week, and must go back tomorrow for the final rehearsal. I also had an audition of my own on Wednesday which I'm waiting to hear back from. I have no idea if I'll make it in, but I had a really good audition, so I feel very well about it. If I don't make it in, this is it for the holiday season, and I'll settle down next week, get a couple of jobs, and try to pay off the credit card, save up for lazic, and put a little aside for the next hiatus.

Today we're working on the bathroom.