Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A close Second

Close Second

Today was an all day seminar at the Lost Creek Camp. Our speaker was a no-show, so the Director gave us all a day of fun since we'd driven the hour to get there.

I rolled my eyes, commenting, "I'm in hell!" because I'd just finished saying to Nancy that I was glad it was a seminar and not 'enforced fun' which I really don't like.

Actually, it was really fun.

First we were given a sheet of paper where all our names were turned into an anagram. My team of three won well ahead of the rest. 10 points. Then we had to make larger groups and were given 18 nails to balance on the head of 1 nail in a piece of lumber. Paul said, "stand back! I saw this at the fair." My team won again.

In small groups we each were given a sheet of paper where color names were written in colored ink. We had to read the actual colors, not the color written. I was the only one in my group that made it down the page. 5 points. But we only came in second on the trivia. Who knew it was possible to forget that deoxyribonucleic Acid was DNA. I knew that! (For the record, I did remember that Pegasus was Apollo's horse)

After lunch they took us out to the camp's ropes course. There were four of them. First, a two rope walk between two trees. You had to walk on one while holding onto the other. Second, a log bridge suspended 35' high between another two. Then, the Leap of Faith. I climbed 62' up a tree, stood on a platform, jumped for a trapeze, caught it, and then let go while I fell to the ground. I was, of course, harnessed in for all of them. And I only got twisted up in the harness on the Leap of Faith. Five points each. And last, Paul and I successfully attempted the ladder. 4 bys were roped into a ladder, each run 6" farther apart than the last as you climb. It's a two man job, and you have to climb up each other to make it to the next rung. About the third we worked out a system where I planted my hind foot behind and made a step with my left knee. He'd step on my knee, and then pull me up after him. We made it to the top -- 5 points each. I was one of four who even tried, and the only girl. Janel did the others with me. We had to represent.

Then, they took us up to the firing range to try our skill at throwing knives, hatchets, and firing rifles. I fired one alright, but hit nothing. I didn't use the stand because I wanted to feel what it was like. I did manage to get the knife into the stump once.

Then it was time to tally points and go home. Paul beat me. But I came in second, followed by Janel. As it should be! We wore ourselves out!