Sunday, April 11, 2004

And...I'm officially a one job woman as of this afternoon. HA-a-a-a-ah-le-heh-lu-oo-jah!
I just finished my Easter Dinner with the Delgado family. My sister had to go to work right when I got off work, so we missed each other by only a few minutes. We did get up early this morning for breakfast with the Grandparents and church. It was a nice easter. Now, since Lent is over, I'm going to go home and read everything I can get my hands on.
The children's sermon puppet show was ....cute. Lines that induced hysterical giggleing in Drea and I:

1ST PUPPET: Shall we pray? 2ND PUPPET: Oh God.............(interminable pause as congregation tries to figure out if he's praying or swearing).

The smoke machine and special effect lighting was, to be honest, a little distracting...
They did sing Christ the Lord is Risen Today -- my favorite Easter hymn. The contemporary service earlier didn't sing the Easter Hymn by (somthing)th Chapter of Acts -- which was my other favorite in the Church in which I grew up.
Should I wait until tomorrow to post something about my church's production number...I mean, service?