Saturday, November 15, 2003

Actual Phone Conversation with Morning Guest:

Me:Front Desk, how may I help you?

Him: Hello. I need a bellman.

Me:I'm sorry sir, there's not a bellman on duty yet this morning. Let me see if I can find someone to help you with your bags.

Him: There's not a bellman?

Me: No sir, he's scheduled to be on in a few minutes, though. I'll send someone else right over.

Him: I need the bill.

Me:Of course. I'll have that ready for you at the front desk.

Him: I'm not coming down.

Me:Sir, I really need you to sign a copy for me.

Him: Just send it with the bellman.

Me: Of course sir.

Him: *hangs up*

Two minutes, and three people on hold while I try to find someone in the kitchen to help the man with his bags, later.

Me: Front Desk, how may I help you?

Him: It's been two minutes. Where's my bellman?

Me: I'm sorry sir, someone will be right with you.

Him: A bellman?

Me: No sir, but I'm sending someone right over.

Him: With the bill?

Me: Yes sir, no problem. Someone will be right over.

Him:*Hangs up*

Less that one minute later...

Him: I'd like to speak with a manager, or an assistant manager.

Me: Of course sir.

Him: You're really incompetant.

Me: Thank you sir. *I hang up*

35 seconds later, and several irate customers who have now been on hold through this whole exchange...

Him: Is anyone coming?

Me: Yes sir, he's on his way over with your bill.

Him: And what's his name?

Me: Oscar.

Him: And he's really coming?

Me: Yes sir. With your bill.

Him:*hangs up*

And people wonder why I want a vacation....

Ok, so last night I bartended, with another bartender, at a special event. Splitting the tips we both made $122. That's crap really for a bartender, but as a cocktail waitress I MAYBE, on a GOOD night, take home $30 extra. So why do I stay at my job, you ask? $100 a month rent and everything-but-optical benifits. But I think I'm going to haul my tushie to bartending school at some point in case I need a job besides singing (and who here doubts that I'll have to work like a dog for a while...). Bartending, even at the alisal, is excellent money!
Go see ELF. It's silly, it's cute, and tis the season to throw off our pretentions, and enjoy a good cheesy, get-you-in-the-spirit Holiday Movie! It starts out a little slow, but it picks up once he gets where he's going...