Friday, September 14, 2007

Doing Stuff

Doing Stuff

So here I am, 4 out of the next 5 days off of work. Hurrah! I've been needing a break to catch up on so many things.

This morning I went Garage Sale-ing for things to sell on eBay and hit the mother load in two sales (out of three). I found vintage jewelry, vintage handkerchiefs, some wide yardages of lace, and lovely teacups. I may go out tomorrow, too, since I work next friday and saturday, which puts a real kink into my garage sale schedule. Only a couple more weeks of work left. Hurrah! (They seem to be under the impression that I'm staying for a while. I'll have to let them know one of these days)

I'm also, finally, writing my final paper that is 75% of my online grade. So far I've done the introduction, but at least I'm getting somewhere. The goal is to finish it today if at all possible. Tomorrow at the latest.

I've spent most of my free time having gone back and forth to the post office, and taking a few things in for repair. My silver necklace I've worn for seven years broke its chain, my mother's watch stopped ticking, and my black leather boots need re-heeled. Also sorting through my stuff again, getting rid of supurfluous things, and trying to prepare for...well, whatever.

Lots of emailing about auditions, several headshots gone off in the mail. A few takers, but none I'm very very interested in at this point. Filming going to happen in Portland in a few weeks.

Ebay sales are creeping closer to a plane ticket to Chicago. Very excited about that.

A very interesting couple in at work a few nights ago. The night after my big long bad attitude, foot in mouth day. The next day, by the way, was one of THOSE days. When you've determined that today you will not complain nor think bad thoughts about anyone, instead remembering that all people have value, and that God loves them all at least as much as you, etc etc. Then everyone is impossible to please, buys very small amounts of food and splits it many directions, sends you back for endless condiments, and complains first that the food is too expensive, that they don't want a lot of food, then that what they ordered is too little.

But at the end of it, a couple comes in. I chat a little with them before the meal, then, as I'm clearing up, I ask them what they're doing in the mountains. They're up camping, they tell me, but they love just travelling around. They're recently retired and enjoying the freedom. They said too many of their friends are too tied down by the debt, the boat, the cars, the house, to go out and do or see or eat anything. They've sold all but their house, and now travel around, following byroads, dirt highways, and taking scenic tours at random. Before they met, she gave up everything, loaded up her car, and lived off her Alaskan teacher's retirement as she toured the country visiting people. Put 10,000 miles on her car in three months. Sometimes she stayed with friends, sometimes she camped, sometimes she slept in the backseat. But she said it was the best time she ever had.

I find that inspiring.