Friday, November 21, 2003

A man I know walked into the Inn today and said, "Oh I forgot you work here. You should go back to singing." As if I'm working this hard for FUN! Yes, I did choose to work my butt off outright as opposed to working one more job than I'm working now plus assistanceships, plus classes and lessons, and teaching in order to afford to pay for grad school. Nope -- I decided to give up my dreams to work behind a desk. Right.
Thanks to all of you who responded! YAY!

I work a double shift today, but it's a double 4.5 hour, so I'm off by 4 or so this afternoon. Aren't days like that nice. I'll work double shifts all weekend through tuesday, then I'm OFF FOR A WEEK!!!!!!!! Ah, the sweet knowledge that a much needed vacation is coming. It's getting so I look forward to being sick so that I can have a legitimate day off. Sad, no?

So my sister and I were driving to Santa Barbara a few days ago to meet our grandmother at the mall. Shopping and all that! Five newsvans passed us going the opposite direction, back to Los Olivos. Drea and I laughed and said "Neverland must be burning, Michael Jackson is the only person around here to merit this much attention." As I'm sure you've heard on every station around the world, we were right. What do you all think from your side of the world? My boss said the last few days you couldn't walk down the street without having a camera in your face asking for "your reaction to the raid." I do say, Kudos to the police for hauling him in, and shame on the lawyer wanting "advance notice" of police action. More brownie points to the opposing commentator who said "if some Joe down the street had a warrant for their arrest, they wouldn't get advance notice. Neither should he."