Sunday, January 10, 2010

Emperor's New Clothes has started rehearsing. I'm very excited to be back with another show, though sad not to be doing all the performances (I'm swinging two roles)

Still retail whoring for the time being, though working on getting a waitressing job. Tips make it so much faster to save money.

I'm down in Renton most of the time, which explains the lengthy absences. His birthday was last week, so most of the week was spent stretching out the actual day as long as possible. Since my birthday took up most of a week and a half, his had to at least last longer than the day itself.

My hair has gotten so long that my musical director asked if I was growing it out. I said no, just can't afford a haircut at the moment. She called in a favor from her daughter who owns a salon north of me and now I have a haircut. Hoorah. Though I already have bangs this week because Alan wanted to see what I look like with them. Very French. I think I may try a bob when I get my cut.

Favorite line from church today: "And what did King George say when the colonists announced they were leaving? 'Jolly Good. Have a nice time. Don't forget to drink tea.'?"