Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Jonah Day

A Jonah Day

Today is my long day. I started with 7:30 prayer breakfast, then an hour of eBaying, then the store opened. I finished the third coat on the bathroom I've been working on painting mustard yellow. Then I went upstairs to grab three packages that needed to be shipped today. Someday we'll have everything set up so all I have to do is print out labels and the USPS person will pick them up from the store. But that's about three steps to go yet. Until all of our various accounts are verified, I have to do the legwork to the post office. Which I spent my lunch break doing, an ended up getting back to work 15 minutes late. Because I drove through Flukeys for a burger and pepsi. Because weight is melting off me still. I'm eating, but running around like a mad woman and another size or two is gone, meaning yet another search for jeans that are small enough. And I was finally settled in a 3/4.

On my way to the post office, I came downstairs and our register employee told me that she'd heard the rudest thing about me. Some lady came in and said, "It's cold in here." "Yes it is," Tessa replied. "It would be even colder if Rachel was here," Ms. Prunaprisma said. I didn't even know she didn't like me. And she's no charmer herself.

So the day went downhill from there. I've been on the verge of a nuclear meltdown all day.

And just before the work day was finally over, I went into the back to reorganize the kids clothing room. I'd pulled tons of adult clothing off the racks into a pile to be taken back into the store, and another pile of stained and ripped clothing to be baled. As I was behind another rack pulling infant clothes out of the big kids, a lady comes in, tromps all over the pile of clothes and announces that "this place is a mess. SOMEONE should come back here and clean it you work here?"

I'm going to bed.