Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Suffusion of Yellow

A Suffusion of Yellow

Today was sunny for the second day in a row. I almost got back on the highway and took the right fork instead of the left (To Mt. Rainier National Forest instead of White Pass. Yesterday I started towards the grocery store and wound up in the mountains) but I ate with the Pros at Olive Garden instead and then watched a brief Halo Tournament while enjoying the feeling of sun on my head through the window. I'd forgotten how much I miss windows. Or rather, I try not to think about it, since what am I going to do anyway. Even if I carved a hole in the wall, it would just give me a birds eye view of the front counter.

We watched Waiting..., which had some funny moments. Then I half napped on the couch until Sean remembered that I'd grabbed a ride with him and Kris from Olive Garden, and was at his mercy for a ride home. It was nice to get out of the house for the day. He couldn't figure out why I was hanging out so long, and thought it was cool, until he realized that I was in essence trapped there.

I took a nap late this evening, always a bad plan, because now it's nearly midnight and I'm wired. There is a chocolate lava cake cooling in my kitchen, and three blocks of fudge in my house from Drea, so I've got my fix for the time being. Fudge is not something you can plow through quickly. One must savor it, or die of a diabetic coma.

Tomorrow is Monday again. Where does the weekend go. I have a week in Seattle planned for next Sunday. I'll be in and out of town all week to teach, but the rest of the time is MINE! I'm really looking forward to the break.