Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Achi metap-ar

Achi metap-ar - will not be thrown away.

My favorite story in the show isn't even in the script, though it's referred to.

One of the most difficult passages to translate was from John 3:16 "shall not perish." Doming and Jo threw many ideas around, such as "shall not pass away" (like floating down a river?), "shall not be swept down the river" (what if they need to go down the river, and the Bible told them not to), and "shall not expire" (Like lettuce? Like wilt?). Nothing ever seemed to fit.

Later, Jo was at home with her friend Tekla and her children. In a culture of headhunters, it wasn't strange for an exasperated parent to tell their children, "I'm going to kill you!" Jo didn't feel comfortable with that, so she told a child she was going to "throw you away!" In a culture where face to face confrontations weren't acceptable, Tekla turned on her and told her never to say that to a child.

Jo was mystified. Tekla explained that killing someone took purpose and intent. To throw something away meant that it was essentially meaningless and without value. Jo had finally found the right word.

"Creator-God so loved the people of the world he gave his only child, that whosoever believes/obeys him will not be thrown away, but live forever with him."


Favorite Quote, "Look and see what I can still do."

Just Whelmed

Just Whelmed, Again

Today was all blocking, all day. My character almost never leaves stage, so this afternoon alone I was up there for five hours. I love what I do. I'm so tired!

Tomorrow we block the rest of Act II. We got all of Act one done today. Act two is shorter, but also has the crash scene with all the (eventual) blood and screaming and writhing.

And lines are supposed to be memorized by Monday.