Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bible Study @ Inklings Bookshop

Bible Study at Inklings Bookshop

Since I'm on a roll all of a sudden with the technology, here's the regular crew for our Saturday morning read through. We average about 10 chapters a week here, outloud, and we're almost through Numbers. Thank Goodness. There's a lot to glean, and we feel very well informed about sacrifices and heave offerings and grain offerings, and we've started tying in New Testament applications (Like Paul's reference in Philippians to a drink offering, or Romans' Christ as the firstfruits), but we're ready to get back to the adventure. The Pentateuch is rather repetative. Moses wasn't much of a writer. The Jackson's Sports Bar leg of the study should finish out the last five chapters so we're ready for Deuteronomy next week at Inklings.

Oh, and that's Denise, Johanna, and me. Sometimes we have Nathaniel and Julie too.

Drunkard's Path

Drunkard's Path

So, using the scraps from the Grandmother's Flower Garden, and bits from my Yo-yo quilt (in progress) I've started a new quilt. Since one must have several craft projects going at once, so one can trade out when one gets bored. That's a lot of ones.

Getting Reaquainted

Getting Reacquainted

Last night, after I got off work, I got a phone call. It was Steve! We talked for about an hour. Lots of "what have you been up to since 1988" and then comparing our favorite books. He's trying to get a paper published on an analysis of a Robert Frost poem, and how it homages the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. He's also writing a one act play.

It was great to talk to him. Afterwards, I went to the folks house for a craft night, which didn't happen. Instead we all sat on the floor and sorted through our old photo collection, trying to find pictures from preschool and kindergarten. No luck -- they're all on slides. But Allie found my class picture from then, which I've posted below. Weren't we adorable?

Courtesy of the Tooth Fairy

Courtesy of the Tooth Fairy

My Real Smile

I have very few photos with my "real smile."