Sunday, June 02, 2002

Another day of work finished. More pretentious people. I really like my job -- just hate the people that come in. One man today wished to have a wine presentation (meaning he buys a non-house wine bottle and wants it poured correctly -- swishing and sniffing and all that). First he wanted to get my attention, so he stood half up and waved his arms like a soccer mom with a lost child. As I walked over he commented to the smugly dressed lady with him how slow the service is. Then he made snitty comments about servers in general as I was uncorking the bottle. Has anyone read in Jane Eyre where the entire house-party speaks of how horrible governesses are "for her benifit." It felt rather like that. So I finished the one bottle and brought the second. The man pointedly ignored me for nearly a minute as I stood there waiting for him to approve his wine choice. Then I had to open it -- and the darn cork broke. Terrific. I get a tirade about how corks only break if the wine is improperly stored (Actually it broke because I'm still fairly incompetant with a wine opener). Finally everyone at that table had wine, and his parting shot was to inquire why the other table didn't have wine yet. (Obviously because the server was busy serving his own freaking table...blech).

On the other side of things we had some new money in. Painfully new. Picture Molly Brown in the tea party. That kind of brash. She was wearing nice clothes that still managed to look like trailer trash, and her children's several hundred dollar dresses managed to look like Walmart Special. They came in loudly, tried to talk to guests at the next table, the children were running around screaming and climbing over things, and the woman kept making comments like "how does this menu work?" Pretty much like a normal menu. Anyway. Quite a contrast.