Friday, May 07, 2010

A much needed day off.

All week I've been working hard to get things done so that yesterday I could take the day off and get somewhere without a Goodwill in sight.

Yesterday morning I woke up early to Alan calling, asking where I'd like to go. We decided to meet at the Ferry Terminal and run away to Bainbridge Island for the day. It was lovely; the first sunny day Seattle has seen in weeks. (Spring has been a long time coming this year - we've had storm after storm)

My bus ran late, so we missed the earlier Ferry, but we consoled ourselves at Ivars, then meandered into Ye Old Curiosity Shop. Then, just as the sun burned its way through, we stepped on the Tacoma to cross the Sound.

After disembarking, we decided to walk the three block downtown to see what we'd like to do. Meandering hand in hand, we passed kitchy shops, antique stores, Whole Food Markets, tiny restaurants, and finally, a fabric store, a bookstore, and a bead shop. Having mapped out a plan, we went back to eat Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza at That's A Some Pizza. Then I ran back to the beadstore, after first depositing Alan at the Bookshop, and bought the makings of a pair of earrings. Eventually we walked to the waterfront, admired the marina, then had a drink at the historic Harbour Public House. After availing ourselves of a wine tasting on our way back (and a quick stop at the thrift store - I couldn't resist!) we boarded the Ferry and enjoyed the view, and seagulls, and ever-increasing Seattle Skyline.

It was a lovely day, and a much-needed break.