Sunday, November 09, 2003

Today has been the day from Hades

I woke up this morning with Chloe having an accident all over my bed. Lovely. I'd just gotten the place cleaned up from the last mess....

I got to work, and everything was chaotic. The breakfasts were all running late. Then they ran out of orange juice. Then people who weren't supposed to have breakfast because their wedding party was having a hosted brunch decided they wanted room service anyway. Then people who did have breakfast were calling because it was late, or there wasn't enough coffee...and they wanted it right now, and hung up on me when I told him it would be a little while....So, in other words, I caught the brunt of it all morning. Occupational hazard of sitting by the phone labeled as "operator." I'm a little stressed. And I have to go to the Alisal at 5:00. Drea and I didn't work out the car schedule well, so I'm stranded here until Drea gets off at the Alisal....which leaves me less time to nap.

On the plus side, the sleeping pills kind of worked. It took forever to get to sleep, but once I was asleep I only woke up once...which is about 10 times less than the night before. So tonight I'll take two, and see if I can't get both benifits....yay health food store.

Hey guys, Now that I'm empowered enough to start playing around with html code, I went nuts with colors.....don't you all feel special to be the recipients of this much pink? I thought so.