Thursday, November 06, 2008

The bald patch in my right eyebrow grows larger every day. 'Til now I could pretend lik it was a rather narrow wax job, but in a few days I fear I'll have a strip of skin showing right through the middle.

It's all because of a monacle.

The Fox, being very dashing, has a top hat, a cane, and as a last minute character choice, a monacle to make me look less human, since we don't wear much animal makeup.

Monacles, as a rule, sit on one's cheekbone and wedge in under the eyebrow. In a ver physical comedy, I thought it might be difficult to hold it in he traditional way. The alternative? Spirit gum around the rim, glued to the inside half of my socket.

So far it's been fairly effective, only falling out on occasion. Sometimes, though, it's glued in so well that it actually makes it to the end of the show. Herein lies the problem.

The end of the string tied to the monacle is safety pinned to the inside of my collar. After a quick run, in the haste to get out of a very sweaty costume, I tend to forget this and rip my dickey off. And the monacle comes with it - along with the dried spirit gum and portions of my eyebrow.

Ah...the hazards of the workplace.