Friday, September 27, 2002

Illegal Curry

I would just like to know what illegal narcotic goes into Bangkok Royale's yellow curry that makes it so addictive. I'm eating it for breakfast. I ate it for dinner last night. I took some to go and ate on it all last weekend. I think they've put something in it -- because usually one gets bored of eating the same dish over and over....but not this one. Marjorie in Houston has to binge every time she comes back into town, and they know us so well at the shop they don't even bother to give us menus anymore, and taking our order is more of a formality than anything, since Pom just lists off our orders, asks if anyone wants anything different, and brings our food out. It's comforting really, having an "our place." And they have us all connected...if I walk in alone they want to know if Matt is coming, and if I'm ordering for Jen they always remember whether she has soup or salad, and does she want Iced Tea too? And yesterday I was cold, so I told them I'd sit in my car and come back in when my order was ready, and Pom brought it out to my car. Isn't he nice? Anyway -- since one can't eat and type and the same time, I'm going back to my curry. yummmmyy. cuuuuuuurrrrrryyyyy.

I really stink at praying out loud. I can trace it back to those horrible prayers we had before Melody Lane concerts, "Dear God, make us do well, and please let the people like us, and please help us remember our parts. Amen." And I got nominated to pray -- I can't even remember what I said -- and they laughed at me. Anyway -- we were praying at our youth meeting tonight, and since I'm much better writing than speaking, I thought I'd put my praises down here.

I thank God for Aaron, our youth leader, who brought us all together into a Christian Community, which I so desperately needed at that time of my life. I thank God for Mary, who irritated me by implying that I should be going to church (when I was falling away). Who invited me to go to her church, and who welcomed me when I finally did...and who has stood by me not allowing me to go back into my shell when youth group forces me out of my comfort zone. I thank God for Dr. Claybrook -- who invited me to sing at his church, even though I put it off for a whole semester...he didn't give up. I thank God for putting me at St. Albans...and for sending Janne to nurture and minister to us. I thank God for Mary Beth -- even though I don't know her well, for being a comforter and an encourager. I thank God for all of them, that they put up with my shortcomings, and overlook how lacking I am in spiritual disciplines, and accept me even though I'm just taking baby steps back into faith. And I thank Him for overlooking my breaking into giggles at the wrong moment of every prayer, service, and worship....