Thursday, March 30, 2006



I'm learning a tango. Not how to, generally. Just the one. A friend of my parents saw them at a country club dance and asked if I would be willing to learn a tango with him for the auditions for the Hospital Follies. They said to call me and ask. He did. And we've talked about it. He's very thrilled to get a "professional." A professional what, I wonder, because the last time I was cast as a dancer I broke my foot by falling off it. Performer, he said. So I've pulled out the DVD of Shall We Dance. I'm learning the big Tango in the middle. Learning to tango by oneself? V. difficult (sorry, still on my Bridget Jones kick). Learning to tango with 14 year old sister doing Richard Gere's part? Better, but difficult on the picky uppy parts where she tries to prove that she's hercules, which usually ends with me on the floor. Learning the tango with Denise, who actually dances, with boyfriend Omar running the remote control so that the movie will play in slow motion while we figure out where my feet are supposed to go and what to do in the inconvenient film cuts? Much easier. As Denise is more qualified to identify specific footwork and pick me up when needed. However, it will be nice to get a MAN into the dance equation. Chemistry and upper body strength and all that.

And speaking of Bridget Jones, I'm sorely tempted to track down a tape player and listen to the rest of the thing. It may be my evening splurge, since nobody is calling me this evening. And there are several people I'd like to hear from, one that I would like very much to hear from as has been very busy, one I want to call but know I shouldn't, and several I should call, but don't want to this evening, as that would be a very long call from having not talked to them in ages.

Does anyone else emulate the style of writing of whichever author you are currently reading? In my case, I'm a little Helen Fielding combined with Laura Ingalls Wilder, as am listening to one and reading other. Read complete Little House on the Prairie books in past three days. Love being less employed but making more money. Love free time and daylight. Love fact that will have free summer in Yakima Daylight, even though means selling out in short term on old dream. Must get some purpose in life soon. Maybe next year. Right now am trying to pay off debts quickly so options will be open. Perhaps will move to England, or Seattle, or Provence or other such exotic locale. Must brush up on French, though.

Am done emulating Bridget. Though is easy. One must leave out small words and refer to self in third person.