Saturday, January 13, 2007

Getting ready to go

I'm half-packed. The minor to do list is mounting, but the major to-dos are all accomplished. Yesterday I spent all day running around. Mom took me shopping for a few things at the thrift stores and the all-important Costco for those items I cannot restock in Cambodia.

Today I had a small group meeting from 11-3, then an appointment for a family to come look at Chloe. Just when I was about to cry again that I'm going to find her a stationary home (because she doesn't like being left alone, and is terrible with change, dogs, children, and moving), Kathy remembered her Mom's friend whose cat died and she really wants an affectionate cat for company. Perfect. Better at least than the couple with two little kids, and the animal rescue person who both answered my ad. And, if/when something happens to this lady, she wanted to know if I would like to take her back. That makes me feel better -- knowing that while my life is still completely up in the air she'll have a good home, but maybe someday I can have her back...

I've called my insurance company to cancel/lessen my auto coverage. I received two checks in the mail along with a letter from my sponsor child and a few bills. I have a birthday party in an hour, Flogamockers tonight, and then it's tomorrow already.

So, I'm off to eat (it might be for the first time today -- can't remember) something. Then wrap a present and head to Cowichee.