Sunday, May 08, 2005

Well, that went well

Well...that went well...

Sort of. One of my crew threw their back out. And the kitchen had a rat and termite infestation, so we tried really hard not to touch anything. We were especially worried about the tupperware we'd spent two hours yesterday sanitizing and cleaning. But we had Amy here from last tour. So everything seemed to be evening out.

The show was fine. A few glitches here and there, and lots of pictures and chatting with our VIPs between acts. During the close there were roses for Joann, and Tasha bought roses for the cast, and the cast bought roses for Tasha, since it is the last of her 222 shows. And then pictures, and more talking, and more posing, and then...

I found out that the wash lines hadn't been set up. And the church people decided to take matters into their own hands. And they haven't taken lots of tests for their food handlers licenses. So, I ticked a lot of people off by making them stop what they were doing and start over. And everything moved slowly. And I forgot I was supposed to do inventory. And we only had one sink. Because the dishwasher didn't work. And so on, and so forth. Our normal end time is 10:15. We got done after 11.

And Jess decided at the last minute she wanted a picture of the kitchen crew in front of the trailer I was trying to shut up. In the rain. So my crew gathered around, posed, and realised we were missing someone.

The dinner theater now has a picture of the kitchen crew, with me yelling "He's mopping the floor. Leave him alone!" Death look and all.