Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tsunami Relief

Tsunami Relief: (aka: What to do when you discover that you have far too much free time)

The Wycliffe Dinner theater, due to a two and a half week longer tour in the spring, and a few shows cancelled, have found ourselves with far too much time on our hands. And with limited finances (our daily expense allowance doesn't stretch very far), and shopping out of the question, we've decided to donate our time where we can.

Today we're going to our latest venue to help pack relief boxes.

The church secretary's jaw dropped when we asked if we could join.

Jean Patching

More creativity with dying jeans

People, homestays and family especially, keep asking why I don't just buy a new pair. Almost every week I spend a good portion of my days off mending tears, patching holes, and finding something to do about seams that are worn.

Two reasons I suppose: It gives me something creative to do, and it feels good to keep mending and patching instead of throwing things away as soon as they look worn.

One hundred years ago your average person didn't toss something just because it was out of style or missing a button. Faded clothes were turned inside out and remade. Styles were refreshed. Several ratty bonnets were ripped apart and turned into one nice, new one. Granted, clothes then were made to last and of better quality, but the principle is the same. Even though I can sew, I often get rid of things that don't fit, or sent to the thrift store clothing that has a small tear or a missing anything. But on tour I can't. Partly because I can't afford to get anything new - so I have to make do. And mostly because I put so much wear on my clothing, it seems silly to buy a new pair of clothes to half-destroy by the time tour is over.

So I'm going to keep tearing and mending the clothes I brought. It's fun. And my hand sewing skills are improving daily.