Sunday, August 23, 2009

My first weekend with a NEW and IMPROVED wig!!!!!!!!! I feel like a girl again! And a pretty one at that. My Laurey was much vainer today since she had such a pretty head of long yeller hair.

On the negative side, I got through the lines and the prologue to People Will Say We're In Love, sang my first "don't" - and my brain said ".....................s...s...sssssigh and gaze at me!" Then my brain said, "That's the second verse. The SECOND VERSE! What the hell is the first verse, 'cause I have blocking that goes with that one that I can't do here!!!" I managed to come back with a second line of "Don't please my folks too much..." but then had to sing "don't sigh and gaze at me" three times in the song, since that's how I start my reprise before I cry.

I tried out a high D in the reprise (before the second show), but my musical director nixed it. He said I have lovely tonsils, but it(the note, not my tonsils) detracted from the moment. I agreed, and thanked him for letting me try it. Oklahoma! has boring high notes.

I'm off to bed now. I was tired on the way home, but now I'm just wired.