Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Valley of Humiliation, part II. Today is my day off -- from both jobs amazingly enough. I decided to spend a leisurly morning, sleeping in a bit, doing some reading (Moll Flanders is on her 13th lover, no sign of repentance yet....). I heard the door to the outbuilding open, and assuming it was my sister, rolled over to see. There were two strangers standing there. Turns out today was open house day, and someone forgot to tell Rachel. So I go dashing out in my pajamas, yelling at the realtor to have them come back because I'm leaving. Then I ran through the house, passing by more shocked realtors (in my pajamas no less), got in my car and drove off with no idea of what to do with myself -- in my jammies, my glasses on, my face unwashed, and a great case of morning breath. One of my lovelier moments I'm sure. I tracked down my mother buying pepsi at the local store. She laughed fit to kill, and everywhere we went to kill time she made a grand announcement. The only good thing is that I have about 6 changes of clothes in my car from having to change for my second job....mom can't complain about my being a slob anymore. It came in very handy for once!