Monday, February 21, 2005

Long work week

We had our first 4 show stretch this week. So far everything is going well. And my kitchen crew is really pulling things together. Especially on Friday when my fabulous sister came to visit and took over the kitchen for me. The usual debate occurred as to whether we look nothing alike or nothing alike. But after she put on my sweatshirt and went walking and talking in the dark they all thought she was me.

Last night we had more than a full house in a half sized venue. But the audience was amazingly receptive. They laughed at everything and all stayed after to help clean up. It was one of our fastest clean ups yet.

We've been driving back and forth across the CA20 the last 4 days. And because of all the rain everything is in bloom. When the sun comes out is it absolutely beautiful. Something is blooming with dark brown bark and white flowers. One home stay says its almonds, one homestay said it was pears. Regardless it is the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Because of all the rain the fields are so green when the sun comes out. And all over the green fields the blooming whatevers pop up.

So all in all a great first week. And thank God for a few days off to recover.

(posted by my lovely sister Andrea over the phone)