Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Two for the Price of One

Two for the Price of One

Last night I had an audition for a film, down at the TPS studios. I'd been there already that day, rehearsing for my Martin Luther King show. But, event hough my day planner is color coded, I neglected to check it when I walked out the door at 9:30, and found once I'd arrived at the Centerhouse that my rehearsal was actually at 2. So I spent my day bumming around Seattle, spending my Borders gift card, eating at Westlake while watching the monorail come and go, and filling out my 2007 ledger.

My rehearsal ended at 4, and logic said it would be better to stay, but I wasn't pretty yet that day, and my headshots were still at Walgreens. So I took the bus to the library, printed my resumes, got fancy, drive North only to turn around and drive south, and decided my best bet was to pay the exhorbitant fee for parking rather than be late for my film audition.

It went about as well as I'm used to, since I really have NOOOO idea how to audition for a film. They stick the camera in front of you, but are you supposed to act towards it, or at the person you're line reading with, and how big is too big, and how subtle is deadpan? I keep thinking if I do enough of these things, I'll magically stuble on the right combination. I think I need to watch a few more DVD special features to figure out what they're doing.

Next door to that was the My Fair Lady auditions. I had emailed for a time, but didn't get one. So I showed up with an extra resume and headshot, and a nice thick book, intending to wait out the audition in the hopes that someone wouldn't show, and I'd get a walk in. As luck would have it, someone did cancel, and the director, who said he admired my gumption allowed me to audition.

I came in with My White Knight, and asked if they wanted the whole thing (only 4 pages) or just the last 16 bars. They said to start and they'd stop me when they'd heard enough. They let me finish the song. Then I got to do my British monologue ,and they had me do the first part of it twice again, in different ways.

I don't know if I got in, but I felt really good about the audition. Not bad for gatecrashing!