Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Fair Lady Callbacks

My Fair Lady Callbacks

Today, after my final rehearsal for the MLK show, I had my callback for My Fair Lady. As I walked out of the elevator, I saw a flock of girls sitting, standing, and pacing the hallway. There were two men for Henry Higgins, and eight Elizas.

They brought all the girls in, and taught us to sing the first part of the song "Just You Wait, 'Enry 'Iggins" and then had us go one at a time giving our interpretation. Then they taught us (take that loosely, most engenues worth their salt already know the main songs of the major roles) "I could have Danced All Night" and had us do the same thing. This is where the drastic differences show in an audition. Any actress worth her salt should be able to act her way through the fun belty numbers, but in this show, can she then turn around and pull a lyric soprano out for the ballad and the money note.

After that, they gave us two pages from near the end of the play and paired us off with our Henrys. I went second. They gave some direction and had us do it again, and then said they'd seen all they needed of me.

I left, with seven other girls in the hallway still auditioning. I'll know in a day or two.