Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Can anyone tell me, Jeff perhaps, if the song "speed test" from Thoroughly Modern Millie was reused in the movie version of Pirates of Penzance, or did it happen the other way around...the part that clicked for me was the "So it really doesn't matter, no it really doesn't it really doesn't matter matter matter matter matter!" chorus. Did that actually come from another Gilbert and Sullivan operetta? Any clues?

My last day in Texas! I'm really going to miss a few friends, but other than that? Back to the coast! Back to work....that sucks!

I'm heading out to lunch with some friends from church. Then I'll go to Baylor in the hope that VC will have time for one last lesson. Tonight, its off to The Grape! Adrian and I are going to celebrate his birthday early. Then tomorrow its off to Austin to catch a plane. I'll be home, with any luck, by 10 tomorrow night.

Now for the big I want to come back to Waco? No. For a visit and lessons, yes. To stay, never say never, for God loves to stretch your definition of the impossible, but I hope not! I'm almost home!!!!!