Friday, October 14, 2005


Venting Frustrations

This is officially the show that no one cares about. Not the audience. Not the actors. (I just realized it looks like I said the audience and actors don't care. Actually, it should read that we're the only people that did) Performance-wise we think it's very strong. Our house count is at aout 75% -- great for a fall show.

Backstage however, it's a "whole nother" story. We haven't seen our director in two weeks. We never have the same crew two nights in a row. Saturday we're losing three people and our sound and lighting guy to homecoming. Our dresser just isn't coming this week. The people in the light booth have been talking so loud we can hear them onstage.

There's no one giving us notes at all, and this is a tough show. I feel like I'm flying blind up there after 6 shows. We need someone to tell us what isn't working, but there's just no one around to do that. Professionally speaking, it's normal to lose the director after final dress or the first performance, but usually they appoint someone to carry on in their stead for the run.

The actual play is going very well, and we're getting great reviews, but the cast in unison agrees that after sacrificing 6 nights a week,most of saturday for months, three nights a week of performances, and one more night a week for line run throughs after our four day break, we'd like a little support from the rest of our team.

Ok. I'm done now.