Saturday, May 14, 2005

My first day home

First Day

My first day back was productive. In an I'm just getting off tour and I refuse to do anything sort of a way.

Mom and I left this morning to go to the old house. I wanted to scope out my stuff, and mom was digging up flowers for the beds at the new house. I grabbed my scrapbooking and my quilt to work on until I have a job and decorating to do.

This afternoon I went incognito to the mission to scope things out. I met the Saturday manager, who, as it turns out, was a waitress at the my first job. I remember liking her. And I met my future boss and got a tour. Saw the rooms that will be cleaned out to become mine, and I am allowed to paint. Afterwards, I headed to KMart to find the paint I used two years ago. Martha Stewart, F22, Arts and Crafts Green. It still exists, and will be on sale tomorrow. Guess where I'll be going... Now I'm picking colors for my bedroom and bathroom. Its far easier to paint before you move in the furniture. I learned that the hard way last time. After the formal interview on Monday I should be good to go. The only concern now is the application which I sent from Watsonville last week hasn't appeared. I don't want to fill it out again. It was quite long.

I came home, took a nap, and then leather lotioned my car. There are a few very dry spots. So I walked into an auto parts store and accosted a guy. He was terribly helpful. I'm glad I put on a skirt and heels.

Now I'm watching Jane Eyre and quilting. And occasionally amusing myself in the slow parts by blogging.

I hope everyone made it home safely. I heard Tasha, Torrie and Austen went to Saturday Market and had a great time, I'm sure. Jess called already to tell me I went home with her phone charger. And I hope Aaron made it to see Nick Flora's band play last night.

So, Hi guys! I miss you already.