Saturday, July 02, 2005

Stop Buying New

Stop Buying New Things...
Except Underwear!

There is no reson on earth why we couldn't stop buying new until we've worn out/used up the old. So many things are being thrown away that can be reused, recycled into something new, or used up. Take clothes for instance. Tons of clothing gets donated, much of it little worn. The next time you need something, consider looking around for a good quality used item at a thrift or second hand store. Not only can you find name brand clothes for a fraction of the cost (We have Givenchy Sport in the shop for $2), these clothes are hardly worn!

How many times have we crafters started a project and run out of steam midway. What do we do with it? Either move it with us in the hope of finishing it *someday* or giving it to Goodwill, or throwing it out. The next time you want to try a new project, consider checking for ones that have been bought and unfinished. It's far cheaper. And if you don't, you can donate it back without feeling guilty for all the money you invested.

Books. I am guilty of spending small fortunes on my book library. I'm trying to check the library first, and borrow those I can't wait for (The new Harry Potter is being mailed to me once my sister finishes it). But some entire book collections get donated from estate. Lots of New Releases are read and discarded.

What about housewares, dishes, furniture, the dreaded knicknacks that some can't live without? You don't even want to know how many older sewing machines are brought in that function very nicely.

I fear I may be going off the deep end. I get depressed in malls. All of this time and energy and resources used to make *stuff* that we don't need, won't want in five minutes, and throw away. What if we all stopped for a while. Just stopped buying and buying and buying and throwing out. We should stop and go see what's still good. If you're tired of things, donate them so someone else can have a go, and find someone else's used that they can't stand anymore.

Crafty Things that I didn't know not to buy new:

1. Crochet Hooks and Knitting Needles (compare at $7, used $.10-.25)

2. Yarn, Thread and Embroidery Floss (Here: $.25 a skene)

3. Patterns. (Cost $3-12, used $.25)

4. Pillow Forms (The fabric may be passe, but the insides are good)

5. Decor and Couture Books ($25-$30 hardcover, Here $1)