Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Jeans, the bane of a woman's existence

Alright ladies, who's with me?

I went to the mall recently needing a new pair of jeans. Jean shopping is a horror second only to the dreaded swimsuit season. Somebody needs to do something about the size standard.

At first I thought I'd just buy a pair of the jeans I had. L.E.I. size 5 with lengthwise striations. Do they carry those anymore? NO. As soon as you find a pair of jeans that looks halfway decent, and doesn't make you feel like a cow, they get rid of it. So the next time you're back in the store trying on five hundred pairs. Now, guys, I'm sure you're wondering how hard this can be. You just find your size and try it on, right?


On that particular day in the mall I started in the teen section, since they had L.E.I. Normally I wear a 5/7. So I grabbed them. I couldn't get my leg in. I grabbed a 9. Couldn't zip it. I drew the line and trying on an 11. My ego couldn't handle it. SO I went upstairs to the womens' section.

The problem up there is they don't make jeans low rise very often. I don't need jeans so far down it merits a special shave, but I don't want hip waders either. I decided not to press my luck and grabbed a 7. And went swimming. It almost didn't stay on my hips. I worked my way back down and wound up buying a Calvin Klein size 2. Low-ish rise. Slim leg. But not eighties slim. Which is coming back. And is a story for another time.

End of the Month

It's the last day of June. Time to pull out the ledger and do my quarterly report, as well as my month end report. Yes, I'm a geek. But Wendy will be right there with me. If you only knew how bad a state my finances were in a year ago, you'd be proud of my progress. Besides, I really like totalling up columns, checking that everything balances, and then decorating the page for the next month. Crayola makes everything fun!