Wednesday, January 28, 2004

My credit report score is better than I'd expected. Everyone should go out an get one (or rather, three...since what you want is the combination of the three different major companies...). I found a mistake on mine...everyone go to or someplace like that and order one. It isn't free. But it's worth it to know who's been looking at your accounts...
I'm here. No where that I am staying has a computer, so I have ruthlessly stolen someone's password to get onto the Baylor campus computers. Not stolen, exactly, since he did type it in for me. It was more fun though to think I was being naughty...

I've had two lessons and a coaching so far. The lessons have both gone well. I hit a couple of walls in my coaching. I know I have extensive high notes, but I'm afraid of them a bit....afraid that they'll sound bad, which is the kiss of death. So even though I can sing in lessons to them, around them, and on them fearlessly, when I get one in a piece of music, I invariably clam up. We're talking REALLY high notes here. So anyway...that's the battle this time around. On the plus side, I haven't fallen behind any by being gone for eight months. I guess that means the technique has stuck! Huzzzah. Confidence onto the career.

I've also been moving my things from boxes into smaller boxes, from smaller boxes into bigger ones, shuffling half the stuff from one box into another and then repacking the rest with half the contents of another. I'm trying to get rid of all the stuff I haven't cared about in the last eight months.

Tomorrow I'll start shopping for storage units. And an accompanist. For the masterclass on Saturday.

And I have a choir rehearsal tonight. For Dr. Claybrooks church choir. How lovely, no?