Thursday, October 07, 2004

Pool Party

Pool Party

We had rehearsal today with the two guys who will be taking over for Aaron when he goes away for two days. They are doing a great job. It is so weird to have new people joining us. On the plus side, Nick is virtually the same size as Aaron, so I won't have to fake new costumes on the road. Chuck is bringing his own priest costume and suit.

After this morning's rehearsal, we came back to our billet for hamburgers and pool time. I even played volleyball for an hour, and hit the ball back over the net once. New personal record for me. And I made margaritas for the two ladies making dinner. Can't let those bartending skills go to waste. They have one of the nicest private bars I've ever seen. They even had Malibu rum, but being good, I didn't partake. I will be back bartending for the month of December before rehearsals start up again in January.

So that's all the updates. Last night was a really good show. The church decided they couldn't think of a better place for an offering to go than supporting our ministry, so we received all of it (instead of just being reimbursed for the cost of the performance). What a blessing!

New Friends

I've been told some of my cast mates have visited my blog. Here's the drill. I write something. If you want to comment, look down....further(farther?) down to where it says comments. Double click and a screen will pop up that look very much like and IM screen. After you've written, hit post. That's how it goes!