Monday, September 06, 2004

A day off

Hobby Lobby

Today was my first real day off! What, do you think, Did Julie and I do our first day in Texas? Went to Hobby Lobby of course! I got some new cross stitch projects, and Julie got five colors of crochet thread for doilies.

Our host family is originally Dutch, but has lived in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, California, and Europe, among other places. They both worked with Wycliffe. They feed us very well, and quite healthily. We are grateful, since we've been living on candy, sandwitches, and pop on the road. After our shopping trip, we indulged in a movie marathon while crafting. We watched "Here on Earth" and "The Cutting Edge." So, mom and dad, you can stop telling me to watch it -- it was good. Here on earth I didn't like. The ending made it better, but most of the movie she was obviously trying to go for the rich guy behind her boyfriend's back. Intentionally. It made it hard to feel sorry for her at the end.

Tomorrow we have to put up the stage and do a rehearsal. It's been a week since our dress, so we're rusty. And, last week, our director made several changes on Tuesday that we're supposed to implement. I wrote my blocking changes down, but putting into the show without rehearsal is going to be interesting...