Saturday, December 15, 2007

In Seattle again. Another weekend, another round of shows. It's such an amazing thing to walk around the city, ride the buses, view all of the unwashed humanity at it's finest. And I do mean unwashed. Across from me on the bus on the way home was an old crazy man, who talked to himself about everyone around him in a constant monologue. I put my hand on the rail to steady myself, and the commentary switched to, "you're not married, are you, no, no, not married, no." Terrific. Even schizophrenics are noticing!

The show went well today, even after getting up at 4.

I spent a few hours this afternoon walking around downtown giving out the latest theater guides to all the local hotels and members only timeshare clubs (who knew they had such a think outside of resort towns?). Tomorrow I'll load up my Cambodian Shoulderbag to head to Pike Place and the Sanitary Market. There should be a few vendors there to unload another half a box onto...leaving me with Pioneer Square on Monday.

It's been a long weekend of reviewing necessities and priorities, and making decisions about the immediate future. More on that later, I suppose.