Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pismo Beach

We've got three days off..

We had a four day run, ending with a difficult show. Out stage left blue light went out, which is the only lighting for the scenes with the Ichaw bird. So all of the possession scenes were done in the dark. One actor forgot to put his mic on, and as a result of a backstage consultation about changing blocking to the lit side of the stage, entrances were missed. It was a very responsive audience. They laughed at things no other audience has laughed at. Even the crash scene...When Jo realizes that she prayed for it. And speaking of which, it was an especially bloody crash this time. I found fake blood clots on the back of my neck after the show. And I got blood all over two other people. Since I'm on the floor, they really can't see it on me, so if I get it on other people, maybe they'll notice...