Saturday, April 23, 2005

Arroyo Grande

Arroyo Grande

Today we drive to Arroyo Grande to do a show. We'll be back to Paso tomorrow for a second show. I'm still chopping copious amounts of raw chicken. My best guess puts us with nearly enough chicken for the rest of tour. And the food order came yesterday and left the food without my signing the invoice. And they substituted liquid creamer bubbles for powdered creamer packets. Which I now have to return. And the mugs they sent us are twice as big as will fit in our tupperware bins. What I wouldn't give for a -- well at this rate -- an abnormal order. Since normal means something gone awry.

Last night the *real* Doming came to the show. He is currently translating the Old Testament into Balangao. He stood up and gave a speech in Balangao -- of which I understood at least one word, and maybe two -- about how much it meant to his people to have a Bible in there language, and to keep praying because there are other tribal groups that need to be released from darkness. It's strange performing here. A lot of my lines are letters that Jo writes to her home church, which in this case, is truly our audience. And Tasha changed her speech from "when Joann's church began to pray" to "when you all began to pray." Neat stuff. And when I address "Jo's church" with "The victories we've had here thanks to your prayers..." It's really and truly them out there.

And my time is nearly up on this computer.

It's finally happened

It's Finally Happened

My dad used to tell me stories of being in the pit playing for musicals. The orchestra was so accustomed to the show, they would balance their checkbooks, bring things to do, and somehow never miss a cue.

Last night I did my weekly spending report at the makeup cart.