Monday, October 24, 2011

And....we're moving!!!!

Alan and I have been looking for a new place to live for a very long time. One place we actually put in an application, but she went with the couple that saw the place 10 minutes before us. Now it's official. Saturday we went to look at a lovely 2 bedroom split level house in Allentown (south of downtown Seattle), and fell in love with it. We asked her to move in hours later. Then hustled up to Capital Hill that night to give her money.

We are SOOOO excited!! Our current place is too small, and nothing gets fixed. Building Vep for 4 weeks in the living room solidified why I need a we started looking again!

We have 2 bedrooms, one is light blue and one is .... purple! Our dining room is red, our kitchen is teal, and I can't recall what our living room is... It's so bright and fun. It's not loads of square feet, but it has the most beautiful view of the hills in South Seattle and the Duwamish River, which is 100 yards from our door (but significantly downhill). We actually only about a minute from the highway, but you'd NEVER know it from the few turns you make to get to our place. It feels completely rural - even to the Allentown General Store blocks from our house.

We are both ready for it! Our first place together!