Tuesday, October 01, 2002


I was apparently nominated by VC (my voice teacher for those who don't know) to be in the pool for those chosen to have an hour private coaching with some lady from the Metropolitan Opera. The Baylor Faculty picked me! I'm so suprised -- I never would have expected it! And the kicker is that the thing is next tuesday. That gives me a week to whip myself into shape...and I won't have a voice lesson before the coaching -- so I'll have to work extra hard with Matt or Glenn or somebody. I have no clue what to sing to fill up 50 minutes worth of time. Well, I guess that will all work itself out. I'm so excited!

Ebay Update

I have 15 brand new (to me) items on eBAY these days. It hasn't turned into the cash cow that I was hoping, but so far I've sold $67 worth of stuff on it, and even after I've subtracted the fees to put the stuff on there in the first place, its still better than nothing. I have hopes of making a relatively lucrative income off it. As long as I keep getting up early enough on Saturday Mornings. 5:45 is a ghastly hour to be up!