Monday, January 31, 2005


Ok, so the food order that I was stressing about adding to my job list I started doing today. And....I LIKE IT!

Today I had to count the boxes of things, figure out how much we use per show, and then when we need to order more.

It's almost as much fun as labeling my notebooks at the beginning of the semester, and might be MORE fun than planning out my four-year prospective class schedule.


Sunday, January 30, 2005

Cannon Beach

Yesterday, under the auspices of a drive test for prospective (and a co-piloting test for me, as possible lead co-pilot) we went to Cannon Beach for seafood, the then up the road a few miles to a touristy town to hang out for an hour.

The conversation on the way there in the sub was interesting, though I heard it in bits and pieces over Austen's music as Aaron and Liz argued themselves in circles. The debate was over love, and the part I picked up on was: does love grow in amount over time, or is the amount constant, but the aspect of love within that constant shifting. At least, I think that's what it was. I drew a chart.

On the way back I programmed Grusha (Our GPS system) without Julie's help with much rejoicing at the end! Hurrah! Even through she did take us the back....wards way into Milwaulkee at the end. We only nearly pulverized a small car with the sub and drama trailer as we got on a highway, only to exit .3 miles later. I bet he had to change his clothes when he got home...


Yesterday something happened that has never happened in Wycliffe Dinner Theater history, as far as I know it.

We reached a unanimous decision in under one minute.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


"Our Great Adversary is used to train us for His ultimate defeat."


So we're in the throws of tech week. Today was our costume parade, and then first run through with them. My costumes were all wrong, so I made three trips to the loft to get various pieces, try them on, and then decide they weren't right either. This is the time where wearing multiple hats becomes difficult. We are supposed to strike the set tomorrow (we tear down at the end of every rehearsal week to practice for being on the road -- and because we rehearse in a church, and they want their fellowship room back), but Liz needs more time with the technical equipment, so we're doing a makeup test in the morning, at which point I'll go get the rest of the costume pieces that were negated today, and then a full run with costumes in the afternoon. Saturday morning we're striking, then doing a drive test to the coast. Sunday, after church we're free, but Monday begins a week of mock shows -- and our set up begins all week at 7am.

Needless to say we're all very tired. And today was our last day to call for lines, so after spending the last two hours doing last minute alterations, I've got to nail down some monologues...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Old Shadows

Angie: "I have a contact allergy to peanuts. Eating them, not too bad. Having peanut butter smeared all over my face by the youth leader? I broke out in hives."

Tasha: "Excuse me, lets have this conversation when somebody knows what you're talking about."

Julie: "Den Mother?"
Vicky: "That sounds funny. I think I'm thinking of Bears."
Julie: "Raarrrrr."

Jerry: "If I catch any of you lipsynching to my stories you're out of here."

Jerry: "The hitch fell off and the dinner trailer was rolling away."
Chris: "Now that's travelling dinner theater right there."

Angie: "Eating it gives me rashes on my knees anyway."

WDT Ice Breaker: "Hug me. Now sign this."

Jessica: "I don't know what Chris' first name is."

Jessica: "Don't worry Aaron, I'm not sitting next to you."

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Mission Accomplished

So blocking is done. We finished Thursday. Since I am in every scene of the show, for three days straight, seven hours a day, I didn't get off the stage. My legs fell asleep a lot from kneeling. It's a big relief to have that done. We are supposed to be off book on Monday.

Friday morning I found out that I was supposed to perform for a drama workshop at the Northwest Missions Conference. It was supposed to be on a volunteer basis, but they decided that a scene from the show would be more effective than a sketch. So Vanessa and I spent Friday after teardown rehearsing for that.

It went well this morning. Tasha gave the same information we were presenting in that scene in lecture format. Then we did the scene, and the group talked about what information came across better, how much can be inferred from drama without actually giving the facts, etc. Then they broke into groups and improvised their own scenes.

After that was over, we opted to stay at the conference to hear Joanne Shetler speak in a formal setting (Friday morning she'd talked with us about our characters for three hours, and the night before we'd trapped her at the table with pronunciation questions). We had to sit through an hour worth of church before she got up to speak, which I found a bit odd. They took an offering and sang some songs and a woman in the corner danced (a little distracting) and finally Jo spoke. Her talk was great, as usual - we're already familiar with the story, but it's great to hear her actually saying the words that became my lines in the show. (We use some of the same gestures. That was heartening)

After that we went around to a few booths that looked interesting, and then went home. I worked on my lines this evening, and I've got everything fairly well memorized except for John 3:16 in Balangao, which became my lines on Thursday. Tomorrow I'm taking the afternoon off and catching up on my postcards, letters and emails. Every night this week has been spent in the script.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Achi metap-ar

Achi metap-ar - will not be thrown away.

My favorite story in the show isn't even in the script, though it's referred to.

One of the most difficult passages to translate was from John 3:16 "shall not perish." Doming and Jo threw many ideas around, such as "shall not pass away" (like floating down a river?), "shall not be swept down the river" (what if they need to go down the river, and the Bible told them not to), and "shall not expire" (Like lettuce? Like wilt?). Nothing ever seemed to fit.

Later, Jo was at home with her friend Tekla and her children. In a culture of headhunters, it wasn't strange for an exasperated parent to tell their children, "I'm going to kill you!" Jo didn't feel comfortable with that, so she told a child she was going to "throw you away!" In a culture where face to face confrontations weren't acceptable, Tekla turned on her and told her never to say that to a child.

Jo was mystified. Tekla explained that killing someone took purpose and intent. To throw something away meant that it was essentially meaningless and without value. Jo had finally found the right word.

"Creator-God so loved the people of the world he gave his only child, that whosoever believes/obeys him will not be thrown away, but live forever with him."


Favorite Quote, "Look and see what I can still do."

Just Whelmed

Just Whelmed, Again

Today was all blocking, all day. My character almost never leaves stage, so this afternoon alone I was up there for five hours. I love what I do. I'm so tired!

Tomorrow we block the rest of Act II. We got all of Act one done today. Act two is shorter, but also has the crash scene with all the (eventual) blood and screaming and writhing.

And lines are supposed to be memorized by Monday.

Monday, January 17, 2005


A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each morning. The wife said, "You should do it, because you get up first, and then we don't have to wait as long to get our coffee." The husband said, " You are in charge of cooking around here and you should do it, because that is your job, and I can just wait for my coffee." Wife replies, "No, you should do it, and besides, it is in the Bible that the man should do the coffee." Husband replies, "I can't believe that, show me." So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament and showed him at the top of several pages, that it indeed says.......... "HEBREWS"
(In honor of our team, because it's a race to get coffee going in the mornings....)

And now we're all here

And today we finally started blocking the show! YAY!

I love the theatrical process. We still did improv - not my best skill. Although speaking of skills, my grandmother will be glad to learn I am now singing in the show. One verse from a hymn, but she was all up in arms about to call Wycliffe and demand I sing between acts. This should make her happy. Or perhaps give her more ideas (well, you're singing now -- they should have you do more!).

And I talked to my friend Mary tonight, who said I couldn't work on lines tonight until I did something fun first. So I'm blogging. I tried to go to Dairy Queen, but I've misplaced my ATM card (hopefully I didn't leave it at the kiosk last night) so no blizzards for me tonight.

Back to the grindstone!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

New Quotes

I have about a zillion new quotes to put into the sidebar, but I left my notebook in my binder, and it's too stinking cold to run back and get it -- and too dangerous. Between here and Mocks there are random splotches of icelessness that come upon you unawares. So you're going along running like a drunk turkey trying to maintain speed, and all of a sudden you hit a dry patch.

It's not the ice that fouls up the system. It's the lack of it.

And P.S. Car covers are even harder to put on than take off coated in ice. Funny how heavy it gets.

Learning Lines

Today Portland was iced in. So most of us spent the morning at home watching musicals. I went out to get them from Blockbuster, but otherwise I didn't leave. Besides, I learned to drive in Washington, and experiences lovely mid-west ice storms at college. Getting my ice-encrusted car cover off took a long time. It was cold. The rest of Portland doesn't know what to do with it. I suspect it's rather like Seattle: An inch of snow sends them scurrying for chains. They hadn't sanded any of the backroads. There was gravel on the main one.

I worked on my lines tonight with Vicky. Knowing the show already has helped, although the new script revisions make it hard to remember when a line has changed tense, or been given to another character. It's coming along. Our last cast member comes in tomorrow, so we should start blocking, or at least do another read-through Monday.

Another thing I learned again today -- four cups of coffee on an empty stomach isn't a good idea.

The Dinner Theater is supposed to be presenting at a missions conference in a few weeks. We only found out about it a few days ago, and none of us know yet what exactly that will entail. Surprise!

My sister got a new job, which is very exciting considering how upset she's been about the old one.

And last night I got a chance to sing because everyone was out of the house. I need some voice lessons badly, but even worse I need real music. I was trying to remember songs I used to be able to accompany myself to, and they all ended up in the same key (The same one as Memory from Cats). I just resorted to drowning out my wrong chords, and since no one was listening, it didn't really matter.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Lots of spontaneity

Today we went into rehearsals expecting to do blocking. Instead, since the director was still working with the script, we did improv. Hours and hours of improv. It's not bad once you get going, but it's way outside of my comfort zone. I'm hit and miss. A couple of moment seemed to go well, but one scene -- where you had to react over the top to a particular sentence (The best was "may I have some pretzels"). We played statues, where the two actors onstage can't be moved until the two people behind manhandle them. And Freeze, where two people start a scene, someone else yells freeze, replaces one, and begins a new scene from the same place.

Then tonight, after dinner we played Pictionary. My team was behind the whole game (we kept rolling 1's) but two fives and a couple of good clues gave us the lead right at the end. There was a lot of screaming on our side. The other team claims they lost unfairly due to their newly acquired hearing loss. Bull.

Tomorrow we'll have a completed script, and blocking should commence. Hopefully without games. Though, I suppose being stretched is 'a good thing.'

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Well, casting was announced today. I got the lead. Still getting over the shock. I wasn't expecting it...

Monday, January 10, 2005

Not for Credit

Another thing I learned about my self on tour is how much I do with the intent of impressing other people. I think we all do to some extent. But how many times do we do things, not out of the goodness of our hearts, but for the "she's so selfless" status.

When I finally started just doing things that I saw needed to be done it was frustrating. People don't spend nearly as much time looking at you as you'd think. Or would like. And it was a temptation every time to let people know what you'd done if they didn't seem to be catching onto your subtle glow of martyrdom. But that defeats the purpose.

Proverbs tells us to never let praise come out of your own lips -- and I'll hunt down the reference in a minute. And the New Testament (I'm not even going to guess at the book) says to 'do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.'

I had more failures than successes over Christmas. But I found those times that I did something and didn't allow myself the privledge of gloating over it afterwards built the most character.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

On tour again

So here I am, back in Portland for another tour with Wycliffe Dinner Theater. I drove down Friday morning through a snow storm, and helped prepare Mock's Crest for the rest of the team to show up.

We just had a meeting to remind the returning team members:
1) This tour is not the last one, it is not a continuation, it is a new tour. These are new people. Dynamics will change.
2) Remember what we learned the last time and apply it this time.

So what did I learn last tour? The admonition to not let the sun go down on your anger is not just poetry or a helpful hint. As far as relationships go, especially in close quarters, wait long enough that you aren't still simmering, but go and talk with them. Work out the misunderstandings and miscommunication. Don't assume anything. Apologize where needed, and confront where needed. Always think the best of the other person's intentions, especially when you're furious.

Relational problems that aren't dealt with right away fester, and grow out of proportion, and then come back to bite you when you least expect it, in a situation that doesn't merit that kind of emotional outburst. And a broken relationship with one person will affect your relationship with the other 12 people. Don't expect it not to. And one bad comment to someone else in the heat of anger can put ideas into someone else's head about that person. They'll never look at you or them the same way.

And having said this, I can expect to be tested on it. Isn't that the way it always works.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Funny things kids say

Speaking of Children's perceptions...

My Dad's school's fire alarm went off four times the week before Christmas. The fourth time, the janitor went up on the roof and inspected things, and found that a sensor in the ducts was malfunctioning and setting off the alarms. The kids were gathered in the gym after the drill to explain what was happening. When they went to music class, my dad asked them what had happened.

"A flock of censored ducks landed on the roof and set off the alarm."

Loving Satan

Thinklings is having an interesting debate a few posts down.

In the children's Bible study, they were studying the second great commandment, "Love your neighbor as yourself". This child asked her teacher, "Does that mean we have to love Satan too?"

The two thoughts coming to my mind (I've been reading Lewis all day) are, does God love Satan, and did he weep for him when he fell?

Hunting Dog is Driving Force

This is nothing compared to the 405 at rush hour.

Breaking and Entering

Today I am guilty of breaking and entering.

My parents still own the house I grew up in, and have it rented out. When my stuff made the move from Southern California (not to be confused with the stuff that hasn't moved from Waco, Texas) it ended up there instead of at their new house. So before I go back on tour I had a list of things to go find. Namely my "Mutual Funds for Dummies" book, and the suits I'm shipping to my sister for her round of job interviews. So I found myself parking in front of the house -- no one was home, walking around the side yard, and breaking into what used to be my Dad's drum studio with a butter knife. It's a trick I learned when I was, I don't know, 10. Maybe 12. And I'm not sure why I'd even want to break in there -- maybe I learned that when it was still his shop. And I'd break in to steal tools to build chairs with one leg too short for the tree house. Funny story about that chair, by the way. My sister was trying to reach something, and didn't notice that the short leg was off the edge of the deck. Of course the chair tilted, and she fell, hitting her head on the tree branch that our rope swing was tied to on the way down. Which was good, because she got knocked out and didn't feel it when she landed on a shovel.

So if tomorrow I'm blogging from jail, you'll know why. My boot prints through the snow should make it pretty darn clear that SOMEBODY was in their back yard. It wouldn't take Lord Peter to figure it out.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Refiling Taxes

No one should have to file taxes more than once a year, but I messed up the last one (checked the wrong box) so the IRS was kind enough to inform me of it. So, right now we're not sure if I owe nothing, or owe quite a bit.

And soon it will be time to file for 2004. Blech.


I met with Nancy, my 8th Grade through Graduation small group leader. She kept a group of girls together for five years, even when many of us were no longer involved in our own church youth group. (After three youth leaders in as many years, most of us signed off freshman year) Some of us were teaching Sunday school, others were attending services, but Nancy had us meet anywhere from weekly to monthly. Just to catch up, bible study and fellowship. It was wonderful to have that continuity, and someone who didn't pressure you to 'attend' but always let you know you were welcome when you had time. And most of us made it most of the time.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

James 1:16-17

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." (James 1:16-17)

A commentary I read in some church, somewhere on tour translated shifting shadows as an eclipse. The Eclipse image resonated with me. Isn't that sometimes how we see hardship? When the bad times come it's easy to think that God's goodness is somehow being overshadowed. Why can't he just break through and take it all away.

The sun isn't really being covered by the moon. It's an illusion. (Like those pictures we take, where your best friend is standing on your hand) The moon can only hide the sun from us because we are so small. Easier said than done, but when hardships come it would be good to remember that God cannot be blocked. We cannot see him sometimes because of circumstances, but he does not change.

Tsunami blogs

Here are some of the blogs that are getting so much attention by the media. So far, the most accurate and up to date news is coming from bloggers who are there, taking pictures, sending updates, and keeping an eye out for new aid.

South-Asia Tsunami and Earthquake Blog

Monday, January 03, 2005

Being Crafty

I've spent the evening resurrecting a pair of jeans that got all but destroyed last tour. I think they'll last four more months. So I chopped off the hem, (which was three inches too long, and had been shredded when I walked on it), took in the thinning side seams, embellished, and put on a belt.

It's the artsiest pair of jeans I've ever worn, but they should hold out. And there's room for more souvenir patches... I like getting to be creative. And I got to watch Sabrina. That is one of my favorite movies, and always makes me want to move to Paris immediately. French people may smoke too much as a whole, but I think they know how to live better than we do, for all money and stuff.

"The French work as hard as anyone, they just know when to quit."

Strange site statistics

And the #1 search that brings google to my site:

"ron weasley's least favorite sandwich filling"

I think we can safely say that none of them are British.

Stop the Madness

From yesterday's Yakima Herald Republic:

"Authentic Filipino dinners are available from 4 to 6:30 p.m. at the Filipino-American Hall in Wapato.

Thursday: Chicken adobo, pork stir fry, pancit, rice, cookie or fresh fruit."

Ha. We serve a cookie and fruit.

I made it

I made it into Yakima last night after one. Fourteen hours of driving later, I feel, this morning, like I was hit by a runaway semi. Which is, of course, ridiculous, because at some points in the evening, they were passing me on all sides. I don't handle curves well in the dark. My "in the dark driving strategy" is to find someone who is going the same speed I want to go, and latch onto their taillights at an appropriate distance.

So I'm here. I need to unpack my car and take a shower.

Oh, and on a slightly *sigh* ironic note, I drove RIGHT PAST my exit for tour in a few days...At 9:17 last night.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

Oh, and Happy New Year!

I spent mine bartending for about a zillion kids at a kareoke party.

Bad Kitty

Today was NOT a good day.

I woke up ready to finish out my year end financial report with Wendy, then head to Sacramento to crash at my sister's house on leg one of my trip back to the Northwest. I got as far as the Albertson's parking lot in Buellton. And Chloe, excuse me -- there's just no other way of putting this -- messed all over herself and Cai, and their carrier.

So I let them out of the cage, not knowing the extent of the damage, and ran into Riteaid to grab baby wipes. By the time I'd got back out there, they'd climbed all over my car, spreading the refuse on EVERYTHING. I spent half an hour in a parking lot, with people looking on, trying to clean cat....stuff... Off them, my things, and my bleeding CAR. Then I stuffed them both into the smaller carrier, threw away the bigger one (because I didn't pay enough for it to merit cleaning the hassle of trying to find a place in a parking lot to clean it out), and then had to drive six hours in a car that smelled suspiciously like cat feces and baby wipes.

OH I HOPE the next day or two of this drive don't go as badly as the first one.

And all the books say that cats can hold it for days if they need to. Bloody cat!

Year End Reports

It's that time again, final quarter and year end reports, and cash flow report time. Go to to find out how!