Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Sorry about the long absence. I've been working double shifts all weekend. Luckily, or by the grace of God, I have the next two days off. I need to do a lot of catching up!

I took Cai to the vet this morning. After the last vet visit, his face swelled up again. So off to a different vet I went, and he cleaned it out, gave him some anti-inflammatory shots, a booster, and another prescription. That brings my vet bill total to over $200 in the last month. I know, dad, it only costs $20 to put them down. Thanks to my new, improved, financially confident self, I had the money, and it hasn't put a really serious strain on things. Hurray!

We had a bruhaha a couple of days ago. It was the night of the employee barbeque. Several of us had to work that night, the guests must be served. So one of our managers told us to head over half an hour before the dining room opened to get food (since they weren't serving employee meals that night). Another manager, who wasn't even on duty, saw us in line and reamed us out in front of the entire Alisal staff for being there when there were people coming. The kitchen staff was allowed to take food back. Not the servers. So, feelings are running high around here. It was humiliating in any case.

On the plus side, one particular family is back that I loved the last time. They work very closely with Focus on the Family, and the wife headed up several national day of prayers. Their son is 11, but you'd never know it. He kept me company in the waggin tongue yesterday for hours. We talked about the Purpose driven life (which he thinks is good for a certain demographic, but overkill for people who are already in church for the right reasons), LaHaye's Left Behind Series (which he says you can skip the middle entirely, and just read the last one), and Adventures in Odyssey...that one we quoted back and forth for half an hour or so. I really like them! Everything they touch is surrounded by Joy, and they pray for all of us as they watch us work. If you have any prayer request they'll pray right there, at the table, in front of everyone.

So, this guy comes into the bar, carrying the 5th Harry Potter. I was talking with him about it. He is an avid reader. I asked him how he liked the book, and he was obviously trying not to let himself get into too deep of waters. Or too big of words, apparently, because when I told him I like her "narrative style" he almost dropped his book. I forget, sometimes, that I'm presumed to be dumb. Our conversation went swimmingly after that!