Friday, August 15, 2003

Oh, the not-so-amusing part of the evening. Drea came into the bar, and guys instantly swarmed around buying her drinks and begging for attention. Later, when I was about to clock out, I told one of the bartenders that perhaps she should be making her way home. He said, "She can stay - -she's selling drinks and you aren't." Ouch.
I was in the bar last was so much fun. At first. One of the bartenders was inventing drinks, which of course had to be tested before he could market them to the job. There were some really cute guys at the bar...most with their bimbo hangers-on. One girl was a genuine exhibitionist with delusions of being a stripper. She would mosey her way to the center of whatever crowd had gathered, and start dancing. They would within a few minutes all migrate to another part of the room. Eventually she would notice that she was alone and bob over to the group again. She chased them from one end of the bar to the other and never caught on. Later on Tiffany made a sarcastic comment about how bad a dancer she was, and the girl overheard. She she climbed up on the bar and challenged Tiffany to a dance off. We could not get her off the bar. Finally a guy coaxed her off by offering a drink. She climbed off and began giving lap dances to every guy that was sitting down. Then she walked over to where all of the employees had congregated and told Jeremy, who made her get off the table and turned off her music, that he was all talk and no "action." She then grabbed a guy at random and told him to prove that he was better than Jeremy. It was a very strange night.