Tuesday, February 08, 2005

One of those days

Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

You ever have one of those days when nothing goes right? That would be today. It's my least favorite part of tour this week -- picking up the pieces, and waiting until it's time to clean up to go. Busywork. Shopping. Oh the shopping.

Today our goal was to refold the programs -- they came back backwards from the printers. 6,000 of them. In the middle of that I went to the garage to try caulking our wheels into the kitchen carts. They have metal wheels, but plastic casings that break the first time we roll them over tough terrain. Not good when you have two hundred dishes on a cart. But like I know where to find caulking. And neither did anyone else.

After lunch we were back to fold programs while running through our lines for practice. The multitasking wasn't bad for me, but that doesn't stand for everyone. It was my idea to try and do both at once, and it wasn't a complete disaster once we got into the swing of things.

Then Torrie and I went shopping for odds and ends and lunches for our first drive day. Tupperware for the coffee cups at Fred Meyer. Then to Winco for groceries. They don't take a card. We have the company one, and no pin number. Four calls later we're finally through the line and out of there. Costco for cleaning supplies and baby wipes. They don't take Visa. Their ATM is broken. So I'm back to the bank to withdrawal more.

And for the clincher, somewhere along the way, my computer in my car decides to go out. Not completely, but my car won't switch gears, the odometer is kaput, and the gas gauge fluctuates. Fluids are fine. But the RPMs are rather high. Austen and Jonathan drove it around for a bit and decided it's a computer thing not (thank God) a transmission thing. Guess where I'm headed tomorrow...

Now I'm back up at the office taking a quick break from signing the last of our server thank you notes. On the plus side, we're watching Sword and the Stone.

Work Projects

We're doing work projects today, will blog this evening. Haven't fallen off the face of the planet!