Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Good morning, all!

Alan and I are busy thinking wedding at the moment. I've just paid off my credit card again for the year, and now its time to make deposits and buy some centerpieces and food for 100.

Alan and I are having our one-year anniversary today! We stayed up last night watching the 1st Nanny McPhee and reminiscing over our first date. It's been a lovely year, and I'm very happy!

Cai is on the first day of his trial stay at a new home. Things didn't look very hopeful yesterday, after a frantic call from his new owner saying that he "wasn't fitting in" one hour into his month trial. I convinced her to keep him overnight to see if he calms down once he isn't so panicked. Alan wants me to go pick him up today and take him to my parents house (who said they would keep him if the trial didn't work). I'm going to call her today.

I'm waitressing still, and altering, and doing some cleanup of the costume shop. One more month until I start rehearsals again. Then, it's going to be all work and no play until December! YAY!