Thursday, May 13, 2004

The Lompoc Library is so huge! Compared to the Solvang one, that is. I've now picked up three decorating books, one French Textbook, two Dorothy L. Sayers Mysteries, and one copy of "L'Arbre au Grand Coeur" by Shel Siverstein.

On another plus side, you may sign up for an hour on the internet by phone. How cool is that?


My new hobby: Learning French. I took a years worth with a great teacher my freshman year. I wanted to continue with him, but my choir director wouldn't think of letting me out of his class for a semester. I, being dumb and a freshman, believed he actually had power over my scholarship. He didn't, and there were several choirs I could have switched into. So, here I am at 23 (which is a much harder age to learn a language...or so they say) trying to fit 333 verbs into my head. I need to go buy flashcards...