Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Alright, so I've got a second job. I won't give a name, because if I end up complaining about it, anyone searching the internet for illegal references to this place can find out what I'm saying. And I don't want to be fired. So anyway. I am working front desk at a Four diamond Hotel 10 miles from the Alisal. Does that count as a conflict of interests?

Weird customers today. I thought the Alisal was the only place to get the rich and discontented. Nope. Same Clientel here. Had one lady that got mad because she said we confirmed their reservation by calling their house, and it was supposed to be a suprise (we never call unless asked...usually we fax confirmation). So she got an upgrade at not cost to our biggest and best room. Then, the spa doesn't work -- so she wants an extra $50 off. So, grand total, this woman got $150 off her room. And she till left lots of little comments like "Oh, it would have been so nice to sit in the lobby and listen to a piano or quitar every night." Strange lady. And I got sent running for 15 minutes by guests who wanted their room service breakfast to be served on the patio instead. And the needed sugar. And another napkin. And some tea bags. Anyway. It's a kick, really.
Alright, I'm somewhat back to the land of email and stuff. Nice huh? I'll be talking to you guys soon!