Saturday, September 21, 2002

Garage Sale-ing was an adventure this morning. Since Aaron seems insistant that we have youth group on Saturday mornings at un-godly hours, I've had to plan my shopping around being at the church at 8:30. Which means I have to be out by at least 5:45 in the morning, which allows me to hit five before I have to be at St. Albans. (To make things even more fun, I got done watching a movie with Aaron, Carlton, and Marybeth at about 2am, so rather than dragging myself out of bed after 3 hours of sleep, I cleaned my house and did laundry instead.) Today was not an amazing day -- no notions, no sewing stuff, but a whole batch of toys with their tags still on them. I'll list them in a few days. That's the cool thing about garage sales. You can't ever go into it saying "this is what I intend to buy today." Otherwise you can get very discouraged very quickly. The toys for instance I found at the first garage sale of the day. (sidenote: it's horribly hard to see anything at 6am. Very dark, even with a full moon.) I was looking for home decor, or maybe some collectibles or antiques....not today -- but I did also find a handmade vase, a couple of grapevine wreaths, and some childrens' clothing -- always a good seller. My mother buys allison things off ebay all the time.

I did meet an interesting guy at the second to last one. He picked up a Genii doll (from Aladdin) and started talking about how much he loves the movie, then he started singing. And heck, it was early and we were the only ones there, so I joined in on the refrain. And after some Pocahantas, and I think Little Mermaid too, we took our show on the road. Not really. But we did sing for the lady running the sale. She seemed to enjoy it. It turns out that the man is the pastor at a little non-denominational evangelical church downtown. They meet Thursdays and Saturdays so that they don't interfere with other church services that their members want to go to. I got a flyer. Maybe I'll go one of these days. They have a biblestudy and then worship services. I'm not sure how well I'll fit into that church, especially after being episcopal for a while. I'll have to practice my hearty "Amen!"