Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wow. Only 48 hours. I'm in shock, the to do list is mounting, but the big stuff is all covered. At least as far as appointments go. My suitcase is partially packed on my living room floor. After several go arounds with a plastic trash bag, a shop vac, and my sleeping bag, I finally figured out how to suck all the air out of it and keep it that way. My sleeping bag and pillow are little flattened wrinkly rectangles at the bottom of my suitcase.

Mom and I went shopping today for a few things ... mending kit, pajama bottoms, sleep mask, and sudoko puzzles and a few books for the flight. Since Wycliffe, I have most of what I need already. A few toiletries I'm out of anyway, enough personal products for six months (the only things difficult to find there), and some warm weather clothes, that I'm trading some of my wardrobe for at my favorite thrift/consignment store on friday. All's just about ready. Some taxes, a few arrangements.

What I'm waiting for is Sunday, when my mission trip is presented to the congregation. Most of my 'extra' funding needs to come in that day. I'm nervous. It's a generous church, but I'm depending on them for almost everything. And it's so hard to ask. Then a few more days at home, missions meeting Tuesday morning, vaccinations Wednesday, Dad's birthday dinner in Seattle, and then everyone drops me off at the airport.

So that's the update. My main way of communicating once I'm there will be this blog. There's an internet cafe not far from base, so I'll (hopefully) have plenty of chances to stay in touch, at least for the first three months. Mail will be an option as well, for those that want to send me letters, I'll have an address available once I'm there.

And I'm off to "do stuff." Ciao.